Western Division American Fisheries Society

Western Division
American Fisheries Society
2013 Annual Meeting


The 2013 annual meeting will feature 27 symposia which will be held on April 16-18. The symposia are as follows:

PDF FileParentage Based Tagging: From conception to implementation

PDF FileHydraulics and Habitat

PDF FileUpgrading Old and Antiquated Hatcheries Using Modern and Innovative Technology

PDF FileNew information regarding climate effects on aquatic resources in the western US: how do we use this stuff?

PDF FilePIT-Tag Technology: Progression from Novel to Standard Fisheries Tool

PDF FileInteractions of fish and hydropower operations in the west - an update on recent studies and trends in resource management in the FERC relicensing process

PDF FileMaking Fishing Better - How fisheries management has improved the recreational angling experience

PDF FileSturgeon Management and Conservation: what have we learned and where are we headed

PDF FileStatus, Management, and Biology of Colorado River Fishes

PDF FileAquatic vegetation management

PDF FilePacific Groundfish: current research and management strategies

PDF FileSilver bullet or so much fertilizer? Synthesis and dialogue regarding the science and management of nutrient amendments as mitigation tools

PDF FileIf you build it - they all come - the effects of competing nonnative salmonids in bull trout spawning and rearing habitat

PDF FileTurning mitigation into beneficial conservation for native fish: challenges, successes, and the attempts to reach a comprehensive approach

PDF FileChallenges of invasive mollusks: threats, management tools and options

PDF FileThe Science of Science Communication: The Art of Telling Compelling Stories in a New Media Environment

PDF FileAdvancing techniques for modeling salmonid life cycles and population production: considerations and case studies

PDF FileAdvancements in co-management of anadromous fishes

PDF FileEstablishing Common Ground in Reproductive Success Studies

PDF FileRangewide Status Assessment for Interior Redband Trout

PDF FileNative species conservation and recreational fisheries for non-native gamefish in the Columbia River: Can we find a balance?

PDF FilePacific lamprey conservation and restoration: using data from the past, present, and future to better understand a complex critter

PDF FileAquatic Habitat Monitoring: What are we measuring, what trends are emerging, and how is the data being communicated?

PDF FileLake and reservoir fisheries management: food web-based approaches

PDF FilePractical uses of age and growth information in fisheries management

PDF FileColumbia & Snake Rivers Mainstem Passage: Past, Present, and Prospects

PDF FileThe management and science of upriver bright fall Chinook in the Columbia River basin-What are we learning and how can we use it?