American Fisheries Society American Fisheries Society

Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2017 Annual Meeting

Special Symposia

Connecting Fish and Wildlife: Ecological Linkages between Land and Water
This session will explore new science focused on the complex web of relationships that link land and water, with the aims of a) improving basic understanding of the direct and indirect connections between wildlife and fish populations, and b) providing holistic perspectives to inform conservation and management of these resources.

The Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program: Impacts to Fish and Wildlife and Future Directions
The Northwest Power Act was passed by Congress to address issues associated with electric power production in the Pacific Northwest, including the impacts of Columbia River hydroelectric dams on fish and wildlife. The resulting Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program is a major force in fish and wildlife protection, mitigation, and enhancement in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest; still, many have argued the Program fails to meet the full goals of the Power Act. In this special session, speakers involved with the Columbia Basin Program will discuss the Programís positive and negative impacts on Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife and discuss their thoughts on the future of the Program.

For more information on these symposia, contact:
Anna Owsiak ( ICTWS
Helen Neville ( ICAFS