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2017 Annual Meeting

Workshop: Endangered Species Act (ESA) Overview and Section 7 Consulation


Janice Engle, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Location: Boise Centre

Date and Time: Half day (PM) on February 28th; 1:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Fee: $15

Maximum Number of Participants: 50

Description: This workshop, presented by Janice Engel of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will provide an introduction to the ESA, its purpose and sections, and then focus in on the parts most relevant to partners and agencies - Section 7 consultation. We will explore the regulatory process to better understand how consultation works, and we'll provide a framework for hitting the mark when developing a Biological Assessment (the document for initiating consultation). This is a half-day, afternoon workshop.

Registration: Please visit the Registration Form to register for these workshops. It is possible to register only for a workshop and not attend the meeting, if you so choose, though you'll be missing a lot of good information. Stick around!