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Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2019 Annual Meeting

Sponsorship - Donations

Sponsorship and Fundraising Support

We welcome and very much appreciate businesses, agencies, and individuals who wish to provide support for our meeting! Sponsorships can be in the form of direct funding contribution or as items that we can use for the auction or raffle.

Corporate Sponsors - Please fill our Corporate Sponsor Form and upload a digital logo file. We want to share your information with our members and thank you very much for your support!

For direct sponsorship please contact Joe Thiessen.

For fundraiser donations please contact Joe Thiessen, Rebecca Rogers, or Phil Branigan.

We invite you to help us continue our legacy of hosting outstanding events by sponsoring or donating to the annual meeting. Since we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all cash contributions and donations are tax deductible.


Sponsors are critical to the success of the annual meeting. You can help sponsor the annual meeting through a cash contribution. In exchange for your contribution, your organization will receive recognition as outlined in the table below. For more information about sponsoring the annual meeting, please contact us.

Trade Show

The annual meeting features a trade show which gives organizations an opportunity to showcase their goods and services to the 200-300 fish professionals and students at the meeting. Sponsors who contribute at least $350 are given space at the trade show, if desired. For more information, about the trade show, please contact us.


Donations are critical to the success of the annual meeting. We invite you to help support the annual meeting by making a donation of goods or services. For more information about making a donation, please contact us.

Sponsorship-Trade Show Fee Schedule

Level Contribution Amount Color Logo In Program Space At Trade Show (if desired) Registrations For One Person* Recognition In
Program For Sponsoring A Meeting Break
Cutthroat Trout $200 x      
Bull Trout $350 x x    
Chinook $500 x x x  
Sturgeon $1,000 x x x x
*Registration is provided for one person. Additional attendees will need to register separately and pay the full registration fee.