Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

Idaho Chapter
American Fisheries Society
2019 Annual Meeting

Workshop: In-stream PIT Tag Detection System Equipment and Analytics

Sponsored by: Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

Date and Time: All-day on March 5th; 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Lunch: Not provided

Fee: $40

Maximum Number of Participants:75

Description: In-stream PIT Tag Detection Systems (IPTDS) have become an integral component of status and trend and action effectiveness monitoring efforts across the Pacific Northwest. Like many monitoring tools, IPTDS technology is constantly improving as are the analytical approaches applied to PIT interrogation data. This continuing education workshop has two sessions. Session one includes: 1) a primer on radio-frequency identification (RFID) theory and evolution of the technology; 2) hands-on training in IPTDS electronics; and 3) an overview of best-management-practices for site selection, component selection, and operations and maintenance. Session two focusses on data management and analytics, including: 1) data access and management; 2) commonly used and publicly available analytical programs; 3) a primer on abundance estimation using IPTDS; and 4) examples of more complex analytical approaches. The goals of this workshop are to assist practitioners in the successful implementation of IPTDS technology, provide a thorough understanding of assumptions accompanying PIT interrogation data, and provide an overview of analytical approaches. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop computer. Some examples in session two will be provided using R and Rstudio; installation and familiarity of R and Rstudio would be helpful, but not required.   

Registration: Please visit the Registration Form to register for these workshops. It is possible to register only for a workshop and not attend the meeting, if you so choose, though you'll be missing a lot of good information. Stick around!