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The Fish Culture or Aquaculture Committee of the Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries society is primarily comprised of conservation and restoration aquaculturists and fish health professionals and students. We strive to provide fish culture and fish health related educational opportunities to our chapter members at our annual meetings and throughout the year. We also strive to foster professional growth and recruitment and promote fish culture not only as a conservation tool but also for what it was originally developed for, a reliable and sustainable food source.


The mission of the Aquaculture Committee is to promote the continuing development and enhancement of aquaculture and recognize its significance as an integral tool used in fisheries conservation and management.

Ongoing Goals

The committee will seek to accomplish the mission through the following goals:

  1. Continue to boost attendance at ICAFS functions from our aquaculture and fish health community.
  2. Continue producing continuing education workshops in conjunction with the annual ICAFS meeting each year.
  3. Provide outreach presentations annually for student chapters in Idaho focusing on the field of aquaculture and fish health. The goal of the presentation is to give students some background on the roles aquaculture plays in fisheries conservation and management. We will also talk about what kind of jobs are out there for those interested in pursuing a career in aquaculture or fish health.
  4. Arrange for a student(s) to be mentored within one of the many state, Federal, Tribal or private hatchery systems in Idaho.

Recent Accomplishments

  • This year's CE course provided at the annual meeting "Integrated Broodstock Management" was successful. 34 people attended from a diverse set of career focuses.
  • The "Excellence in Aquaculture" award was presented to the Idaho Fish and Game's Cabinet Gorge Fish Hatchery Staff. This was in recognition for exceptional research and management achievements over the last year.
  • Our 2020 annual committee meeting had 22 participants from a variety of federal, state, tribal and private agencies
  • Outreach efforts with BYUI and Portneuf Student Chapters:
    • Dan Schill, Wayne Fowler and Eric Pankau participated in an ICAFS sponsored visit to BYUI to promoted AFS membership and fisheries/aquaculture careers.
    • The Portneuf and BYUI Student Chapters traveled to the IDFG Grace Fish Hatchery to discuss sports/conservation aquaculture and visit the BRBCT wild brood holding facility.
  • Small project grants were submitted and awarded to fund student participation in the University of Idaho Coldwater Aquaculture course offered at the Hagerman Research Center in July of 2019. Grants awarded totaled $3,000 which funded registration, lodging and some travel costs for two college students from Idaho to attend this training. Funds were awarded in equal amounts by the Idaho and Western divisions of the AFS
  • Ken Cain stepped down as co-chair of the aquaculture committee after the 2020 annual meeting concluded. Ken served with distinction on this committee for six years. His contributions are very much appreciated. Riley Brown will fill this vacant position starting immediately following the annual meeting.