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Mentoring Committee


Kat Gillies-Rector

Robert Hand


The Mentoring Committee facilitates formal and informal mentoring by encouraging chapter members to become mentors to students and young professionals in the Idaho Chapter by developing mentoring skills, facilitating mentoring opportunities and, providing recognition of outstanding mentoring efforts of ICAFS members.


The mission of the Mentoring committee is to promote the development of successful fisheries professionals through mentoring.


The committee will seek to accomplish the committee mission through the following goals:

  1. Encouraging chapter members to be mentors
  2. Helping chapter member become good mentors
  3. Matching those pursuing a career in the fisheries professions with a mentor
  4. Recognize outstanding mentors

Recent Accomplishments

  • Recognized ICAFS individual efforts for outstanding mentorship through the Outstanding Mentor Award
  • Developed a mentoring page on our Chapter website to help connect mentors with those needing a mentor
  • Implemented differential colored name tags for students and professionals for annual meeting to help recognition of student participants and encouraged interaction with professional members
  • Provided opportunity for resume review for students and young professionals
  • Ran mock interviews and a resume review table during the ICAFS chapter meeting
  • Worked with ICAFS to fund a Hutton Scholar in Idaho in 2017 and 2018
  • Developed a Job Application and Interview Guide that was distributed during the ICAFS chapter meeting and is available on the ICAFS webpage here.

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